Decipher Inbound Marketing

Marketing online or over the internet is rapidly growing and it is important to get your business out there. It is all about using the right advertising and marketing efforts that utilize email and the World Wide Web to drive and generate sales through eCommerce.

It is a large business and is still on the rise because it is widely used virtually across all industry sectors.

Inbound Marketing Definition

Inbound Marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on getting found by costumers by promoting a company through blogs, videos, newsletters, SEO’s, social media marketing and other forms of content marketing. It brings the customers closer to where they want to be – to the brand. You will be able to catch the customer’s attention by making the company easier to be found with the help of contents that are interesting and thus, draw the customers to back you.

Why Inbound Marketing?

It offers companies the opportunity to directly react to their customer’s needs or issues.

It provides your prospects or customers the chance to find you and the capacity to respond via certain social media channels. It is a resource to let people know that you are there. In a nutshell, it is important because:

  • The playing field is now flat
  • It is affordable
  • It is organic and natural
  • It gets you more leads
  • It fuels your CRM and marketing
  • You can set your goal, objectives and measures

Inbound Marketing Strategies


It is a widely adopted inbound marketing strategy because of its effectiveness to generate back traffic to your site. It also has a greater ROI, cost effective, increased site usability, as well as brand awareness. You no longer seek out a target audience; they are the ones seeking you out since you came out at the top of the search. You assist them without having to interrupt whatever important they may be doing.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

It is also based on keywords just like SEO. The only difference is that they are paid for to have a guarantee that the ads will be placed.

Social Media

They can connect with, follow or become a fan of a brand or a company on social networking sites. In here, the consumer has the power and they can choose to unfollow a certain brand whenever they like. A lot of companies like these benefits from social networks because of the increasing number of its users and the constant brand recall they can get.


It is the creation and sharing of useful content to a target audience. It makes the company a legitimate source of information.

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